AIESEC – Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales. From French International Association of Students in Economics and Management. Nowadays, the french acronym AIESEC is no longer used by the organization, since in the history AIESEC expanded to other backgrounds different to Economic and Commercial Sciences. AIESEC is the current legally accepted name for the organisation.


AI – AIESEC International – The AIESEC at international level with a mandate of one year AI coordinates all the national committees. AI includes members from different MCs around the world. PAI – President of AIESEC International

MC – Member Committee The AIESEC on national level with a mandate of one year MC coordinates all the local committees. MC includes members from different LCs form the country or abroad. The Bulgarian MC is in Sofia.

MCP – Member Committee President

MCVP – Member Committee Vice President

GST - Global Support Team

NST - National Support Team - team supporting an MCVP

LC – Local Committee – local section. The current number of LCs in Bulgaria is 9 –  in Sofia (TU, UNWE, SU), in Varna (EU), in Veliko Tarnovo (VTU), in Svishtov (SA), in Plovdiv (PU), in Blagoevgrad (AUBG), in Burgas () ;

EB – Executive board includes the LCP + LCVPs

LCP – President of the Local Committee

LCVP – Vice-President of the Local Committee

Functional Teams

Comm – Communications Department - the team responsible for inner and outer communications, online promoting and online support.

ER – External relations department. It includes a team responsible for finding sponsors and/or raising companies and sales.

F/ FA – Finance financial department responsible for all the finance that cycle through LC or MC.

ICX – Incoming Exchange – the team responsible for the incoming exchange participants, and signing the contracts with Local Companies.

LTT – Local Training Team – the team responsible for training the members, works in common with the LCVPs.

MaC – Marketing and Communications - Communications and ER combined.

OGX – Outgoing Exchange – the team responsible for sending local students abroad as Exchanged students.

TM – Talent Management – talent development team responsible for the trainings, motivation, development and recruitment of the members.

AIESEC Geography

GN – Growth Network (area of AIESEC expansion):

CEE – Central and Eastern Europe

WENA – Western Europe and North America

MENA – Middle East and North Africa

IA - Iberoamerica

AP - Asia Pacific



Alumni – A former member, who has been active in AIESEC, had a leadership position or went on exchange. He/she is still actively supporting AIESEC work (e.g. give trainings, advices…)

XP – Experience - in AIESEC- XP is every position that a member takes

TN - Trainee Nominee – mostly are the companies, organizations or projects that give opportunity for students to gain experience in the area of working.

EP – Exchange participant – the students that are here coming from abroad.They are part of project or interns.

GCDP - Global Community Development Programme - social experience abroad, 1 of the 4 programs of AIESEC GIP - Global Internship Programme - professional experience abroad, 1 of the 4 programs of AIESEC CEED - Cultural Envoy for Exchange Development – opportunity for old and new members to work in an another LC/MC for a short period of time for reasons of personal or LC/MC development

PBoX – Project Based on Exchange every AIESEC project that include Interns.

OC – Organizing Committee – Organizing Committee. A group of people who is arranging a P-BoX, seminar or conference. They make sure a project is done properly. Some of the OC positions may include sales, finance, reception, logistics, communication.

OCP = PM – Organizing Committee President = Project Manager – Organizing Committee President – the coordinator of an AIESEC project or conference.

FACI – facilitator – people that help or give sessions during the main event. CHAIR – The main presenter, it is a must have on every conference.

GM – General Meeting - meeting of all the LC members.

GA – General Assembly - Episodic meeting of all the full-right members of the LC which is

arranged when important decisions should be made.

MD – Meeting Diversityan important PBoX in the field of education.

WP – World Playground – an important PBoX in the field of education. CW – Colourful Way – an important PBoX in the field of cultural exchange.

BiP - Business in Practice – an important ER project.

RnR - Reward and Recognition

EwA - Engaging with AIESEC

LEC - Local Educational Time

KM - Knowledge Management

GEP - Global Exchange Partners; Global Entrepreneurship Program